A Quick Trip to Ithaca, New York

We survived a quick, less-than-36-hour trip to Ithaca, New York, this weekend. Despite a hurricane battering the East Coast, we had a great time.

At the Phillies Game with the Grandparents!

Before we left for Ithaca, we took Nora to her first Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park. Though the team lost, Nora had a great time and even got a few mini Philly Phanatic figurines from the kind usher in our section.

Enjoying the Al Fresco Dining at Moosewood

Once we rolled into Ithaca, we ate at Moosewood Restaurant. Steve and I really enjoyed ourselves, ordering a pitcher of Apricot Wheat Ithaca Beer (my all-time favorite beer). Nora enjoyed a fruit plate, bread, and pasta with marinara. I can’t believe we can order real food for her now.

College Besties!

Steve and I attended the wedding of college best friends that night at the local farmers market. The rain held out for the event, and we had a great time reconnecting with some of the awesome people we knew and lived with several years ago.

Sunday was a wash out, so we mainly stuck to indoor activities. We even made it to our old college to buy Nora a t-shirt and take a (pretty bad) picture.

Thanks to my parents help our weekend getaway was a fun one! It is great to have double the helping hands wrangle a newly walking child.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Trip to Ithaca, New York”

  1. Nat –
    Your recent posts (like others) are great! Pics are amazing – can’t believe you even managed to capture Sha Sha with her Phillies hat on!
    Your Dad, aka the Captain

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