Make Way for the Toddler!

For the last few weekends, we’ve dedicated ourselves to reconfiguring the house for a toddler (and houseguests, but that’s just a temporary need). The days where a little immobile baby hung out in a Boppy lounger on the couch are long past, and my now very active little tot requires a few new features in the house. So, without further adieu, here are our house updates:

I realized that soon Nora will be responsible for hanging up her jacket and putting away her shoes, so there needs to be a place in the house where she can do that.

Voila! We added hooks and cubbies to the nothing space at the end of our hallway. Without a porch or entryway, this improvised mudroom will ensure that all of Nora’s outerwear (and ours) stays organized and doesn’t clutter up our main living space.

There was a time when I thought we could keep the number of toys to a minimum in the house. Then, as Nora grew and became a much more playful thing, I realized we have to keep her occupied and toys and books are not only fun for her but for us too. To make room for Nora’s ever-expanding collection of stimuli, we swapped out the small set of cubbies (now part of the mudroom) in her nook and brought our larger Expedit (which was just storing trinkets collecting dust in our overly crowded guest room) downstairs. Now there are four extra cubbies for storage.

Last, but not least, I just couldn’t wait to give Nora her chair from Pottery Barn Kids. Her birthday (which is in just five weeks) seemed so far away on Sunday, and I decided to let her have it on just a boring, rainy day rather than her gift-infused birthday. After she started sitting in the chairs at school last week and climbing (and sitting) on her infant-to-toddler rocker at home, I knew she would appreciate her just-my-size furniture. When Steve and I took the chair out of the box and assembled it, the nearly eleven-month-old’s jaw dropped, and she immediately sat in it for about fifteen minutes. Steve and I were in absolute shock that she understood what the gift was and could sit still for that long. I guess it was a good purchase for the kid.

So, there you have it. A few updates in our ever-changing house. Hope they last a few months!


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