August, Week 4: We’ve Got a Walker!

Pic of the Week

Where's Minnie?

My Life

It’s a bit hard to focus right now. My folks are in town so we can attend a wedding sans baby in Ithaca, New York, tomorrow (they’ll come up and watch her while we’re dancing the night away). Hurricane Irene is headed for this area and we’re a bit nervous about the damage she’ll inflict while we’re away. We’re moving the barbecue and patio furniture inside and planning to come home Sunday evening to avoid the storm, but we’re not sure what we’ll be coming home to. Hopefully no broken windows and escaped cats!

Nora Updates

As of yesterday, the girl is officially walking. She’s been taking steps for some time, but after deliberating with my parents and mother-in-law, we’ve decided that her taking nearly thirty steps in a row is walking. They wanted to count six as walking, but I said no way. Nora proved that she’s toddling though yesterday when she walked back and forth between a chair and her toys several times.

The baby is happy as can be, walking, talking (she can now “moo” like a cow), and sleeping through the night. The joys of an eleven-month-old child!

Looking Forward To

As I said, we’ll be traveling this weekend. Should be a blast!



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