August, Week 3: Fall Is Approaching

Pic of the Week

Do You LIke My New Hat?

My Life

It’s starting to feel like the end of summer is near. We’ve had cooler days with thunderstorms blowing through often. My husband is back to working full-day-plus shifts, which means football is on the horizon.

In this season-shifting vein, I restocked Nora’s wardrobe this week. I realize her tank-top onesies, short-shorts, and summery dresses won’t be warm enough after Labor Day. Thankfully, where we live it will stay pretty mild until mid October. To get Nora through the early fall weather, I bought some leggings, t-shirts, and skirts for her. Now that she’s reaching the toddler stage, so many more clothing choices open up for her. She’ll be a real “kid” soon, wearing jeans and sweaters, and I won’t have to think as much about her needs as a crawler.

Last week I wrote about quitting breastfeeding. Well, after this week, I continue to do it, though only for about half of Nora’s feedings. She gets a few sippys of formula a day, but nursing is still very important to her. When I proclaimed that I was hanging it up last week I think it was more about me acknowledging that I didn’t have to be responsible for her liquid nourishment all of the time. I am still enjoying the nursing but I am tired of pumping. One time a day is fine, but four is too many for me at this point!

Nora Updates

Last week, we bought a half-summer membership to the pool. The cost was minimal and it’s been fun to spend some time splashing with the baby. She’s a bit apprehensive to get in farther than her knees, but I bet she’ll be jumping and running in the water next summer!

We’ve had a rocky week with Nora, but I attribute that to some changes in routine, a tooth cutting through, and a mild cold. We’re going to spend a lot of quiet, focused time with Nora this weekend, which should help her forget the bumpy week.

Nora has started to sit in chairs this week, which is a completely new activity. I think she’ll like the chair she’s getting for her birthday. She’s also starting to take more steps (she’s up to about three at a time). We’re working on animal sounds with her right now. Though she’s not said any real ones yet, we’re starting to notice her ability to mimic is improving. She grunts when we make an animal noise, and I am sure it won’t be long until she starts saying them along with us.

Looking Forward To

Mom and Dad arrive next week and we’re traveling to a wedding in upstate New York. Plus, Nora gets to go to her first Phillies game next Friday. Yay!


1 thought on “August, Week 3: Fall Is Approaching”

  1. What a great picture! I can’t believe how big she is getting. I love how her personality keeps shining through as she grows! She is such a cutie.

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