August, Week 2: Changes

Pic of the Week

Lookin' Like Her G-pa!

My Life

This has been a huge week in my life. We’re starting to phase out breastfeeding around here, and the decision and subsequent actions needed to stop doing it came fast. After ten-and-a-half months (eight of those pumping up to five times a day) I am retiring. Nora is thriving and eating all sorts of solids, which makes the decision to stop much easier. While I would have liked to make it a year, working full time made that next to impossible. I am really proud that I made it as far as I did, and I am now excited to enjoy parenting without being tethered to a pump. I hope we can keep up the nursing relationship at night and in the morning for the next month or so, but I won’t freak out if my body says no.

Nora Updates

There are a lot of changes in Nora’s life this week. One dovetailed nicely with my decision to stop nursing. Nora went on a bottle strike this week and decided that she is a sippy-cup-only girl now. While this doesn’t change her nursing, it’s a sure sign that she’s growing up. It’s amazing that we’re done with bottles. It feels too soon, though I am glad she’ll be transitioning to this next stage.

Another significant change comes at the end of this week. Nora’s daycare teacher, the one who I trusted to care for her when she was only eight weeks old, is leaving the center after tomorrow. Steve and I are emotional about her leaving and I’ve fought back tears every time I’ve seen her this week. This amazing woman cradled Nora for months and months as she grew from a newborn to an infant. She spoils Nora, holding her for long periods of time and, as I witnessed earlier this week, sneaking her some vanilla wafers before breakfast. She is a caring and compassionate person and we are eternally grateful for all that she did for Nora. I am sad that my future kids won’t have her in their lives.

My good friend’s baby turned one this week. I can’t believe it has been a year since Nathan arrived. At his birthday party, it was remarkable to see how Nora and the babies close to her age have come into their own. They are happy, smiling, giggling, moving almost-toddlers.

Mommy/Baby Product

It’s been awhile since I encountered a life-changing baby product, but I have one to share this week. We’ve struggled to get vegetables in Nora since she started refusing veggie purees about a month ago. We splurged on some Happy Baby fruit and veggie pouches this week (and some Trader Joe’s apple/carrot ones). These pouches combine lots of good fruits and veggies (even green ones!) and Nora sucks them down without thinking twice. Even though they are a bit pricey (about $1.10 a pop), I’ll be buying these for as long as she eats them. I accept that my kid might not love feeding herself chunks of veggies, but I am as sure as hell going to try to get some of them in her body. I am sure she’ll learn to love nondisguised veggies someday, since they are a staple in our household. For now, Happy Baby is helping me out!

Looking Forward To

I’ve got a few things on my list this weekend: pool time, a consignment sale, cleaning our house before my parents come in a few weeks, and eating some good meals. What a great summer weekend.


4 thoughts on “August, Week 2: Changes”

  1. Great post Nat – Your outstanding prose really put some images around your whole parenting experience. Love it!

  2. Congrats on making it so far with breastfeeding, once again proving that you are supermom! Love the photo. 🙂

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