July, Week 4: Ten Months

Pic of the Week

Sleeping in While Mommy Gets Ready for Work

My Life

I have been working on several projects this week and can’t wait to put the finishing touches on them. I am trying to clear through my piles of scrap fabric to make room in my increasingly crowded craft room/office/guest room. Steve and I will be sleeping in there at the end of the month while my parents visit, so there is extra motivation to use up old supplies and declutter the crowded space.

With the heatwave over as well as the football lockout, we’re in very good spirits here. We’ll be embarking on two road trips this weekend, and I’ll share pictures here next week.

We’ve reached the end of the month and the budget and diet are still going strong, though this weekend will be a test for us to see whether we can continue to be good. Steve and I are doing better at anticipating our expenses and plan to have a fixed budget for each excursion. It’s a bit tricky to project how our trips will go, with hefty tolls and an infant who might need a break in a restaurant during one of our legs of driving.

Nora Updates

Nora reached the ten-month mark this week and to celebrate she started taking “test” steps. I’m not going to call it official walking until she can clear a few feet of floor without falling down, but her attempts to reach me from the couch to chair are respectable (it’s only a foot or so distance).

In her tenth month, Nora learned her “mmmmmm” sound, sprouted a fourth tooth, started eating table food like a champ, and figured out how to sleep in her crib for longer stretches of time. She also started throwing a few more toddler-like tantrums, particularly when she’s on the move and encounters a baby gate. Needless to say, the mobile and communicative infant is fun and challenging.


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