July, Week 3: Some Updates

Pic of the Week

Nora Cruising the Couch

My Life

We’ve been dealing with a heat wave, much like most of the country. It’s funny how extreme heat affects you just as extreme cold. We’ve been trapped indoors while temperatures soar to the upper 90s and never dip below 75 at night. It’s a scary thought to imagine the July electric bill!

Speaking of the electric bill, Steve and I continue to focus on saving. We’re doing a pretty good job staying on our budget this month. Our main areas of focus are to be more selective at the grocery store, buy fewer frivolous items, and generally be more mindful of our spending.  If all goes as I project, we should be hitting our target budget this month. Yay!

I am taking a week off from dieting and Steve is too. My running-five-miles-a-day husband has already hit his goal weight. I am still farther away from mine, though I am noticing my efforts paying off in my waistline already. With this extreme heat, I let myself have a few ice-cream sandwiches. I’m not perfect, after all!

At one point this week, I thought about posting something venting about how I feel people judge me for sending Nora to daycare full time. I am still a bit annoyed about the tone I hear in people’s voices (particularly those without children) when they ask where Nora goes when I am at work all day, but, after thinking about it for a bit, I won’t go on and on about this subject here. Steve and I remain committed to our decision to send her to daycare, and we think the socialization and experiences she has there are beneficial to her development. We love the center and her teachers, as does she. Enough said.

Nora Updates

We’ve been introducing Nora to sports. We’re kicking soccer balls, rolling balls on the floor, and playing catch every day. She squeals in delight participating in our PE time. She’s getting skilled enough to roll the ball back to us, and it is fun to think of her involvement with our games over the next few months.

In addition to grooming our sporty gal, we’re in awe that the girl is now standing for seconds at a time on her own. She’s also eating bigger meals, sleeping better, and on the go all of the time. These babies just never stop!

Looking Forward To

Seeing some seventy-degree temperatures in our forecast!


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