July, Week 2: Chillin’

Pic of the Week

I Love Duck! (Rubber, That Is)

My Life

While it seems like everyone around us is vacationing, Steve, Nora, and I are hunkered down, spending our free time at area parks and in our central-air-cooled home. After Nora goes asleep at night, I am watching way too much TV while trying not to online shop or eat ice-cream bars. We’ve cut back at the “fun” time of year for many, though I hope our efforts to save money and diet pay off in future months. After all, we have had our share of fun this year: we visited Disney World in March and took a week trip to Boise in May. (Not to mention upgraded a car and television earlier this year.)

While dealing with the consequences of indulging too much (as seen in our bank account and waistline) is a bit of a drag, it feels good to be taking control of ourselves. We have many fun activities on the horizon, and we’ll be in good shape to enjoy them if we keep to our conservative routine for a few more months.

Nora Updates

Lately, it seems as though the baby in my house moved out! The toddler that replaced her is able to climb stairs, eat three meals a day, and stand unassisted for a few seconds at a time. It’s not hard to imagine this girl turning one anymore.

Mommy/Baby Item

Steve and I are still trying to figure out the baby gate situation. After realizing that we need special kits to install gates on the stairs because of the banisters, we’re trying one gate at a time. So far, the pressure-mounted gate I mentioned last weekend is blocking Nora from entering the kitchen, which gives Steve and me one room to stash our crap. When I come home, I throw all of my bags, shoes, and other items behind the gate so Nora can’t make a beeline for them. We’re hoping to block the lower-level stairs this weekend, so we’re not always supervising our little climber make her way to the second floor.

Looking Forward To

On Sunday, we’re seeing the final installment of Harry Potter. So excited!


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