July, Week 1: Summer’s Here and It’s Hot!

Pic of the Week

Dad, What Are You Doing with My Medal?

My Life

We had an awesome 4th of July weekend. The three of us spent lots of time together, we caught up with some friends and family, watched a few flicks, and grilled on the holiday. For the 4th, we skipped the fireworks but did have the chance to enter Nora into the Diaper Derby in a neighboring borough during its annual carnival. Nora got a commemorative medal!

I already feel like we’re in the dog days of summer. It’s yucky humid in our area and we’re trapped indoors. The few hours we spent outdoors last weekend made us so tired and Nora faded fast. I would love to spend more time out and about so I hope Mother Nature gives us some relief!

Nora Updates

Now with four teeth, Nora’s overall look seems much different to me. She’s lankier, thinner, and more agile than a few weeks ago. When we were home for four days, I also noticed that she loves independent time when she can hold a few toys, flip through a board book, or cruise around the room. She’s starting to walk supported by walls, so I am sure standing without support will happen in the next month or so. I am constantly sentimental about her too, wanting to bottle up her baby time to keep forever.

I haven’t remarked on Nora’s latest eating stage. She loves fresh blueberries and peaches. I am struggling to get purees in her for dinner and need to come up with a few protein-rich options for her soon. She eats cubes of cheese and the doctor suggested feeding her hummus to see if she’s interested. I also think I’ll introduce some fun items soon, like animal crackers and Cheerios.

Mommy/Baby Item

We had to buy baby gates. We’re trying out the Evenflo Top of Stairs gate for both the top and bottom stairs and a pressure gate blocking access to the kitchen. Steve plans to install them this weekend.

Looking Forward To

We’re hosting a barbecue tomorrow and I hope plant some flowers in the yard. Steve’s having a fun weekend, so I am hanging with the babe by myself!


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