Finished: Hair Bows

DIY Hair Bows for Nora

Last week, I whipped out lots of hair bows for Nora (I got the pattern from Little Birdie Secrets). As her hair gets longer, I am trying to clip her bangs back and wanted to have a huge stash of bows to coordinate with her outfits (I am a mom of a girl; I’ve got to accessorize the tike!).

She’s already modeled several of them, one worked with an orange outfit last Friday and another went with her Fourth of July outfit. I can’t believe how easy the bows are to make. With a little ribbon, an alligator clip, and some hot glue, I was able to make about ten of these in an hour. So much fun!

Oh, and thanks to my friend Liss, I have a cute way to display the bows in Nora’s room.

Nora's Hair Bow Display

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