June, Week 5: We’ve Got a Barracuda

Pic of the Week

See Those Teeth?

My Life

We’re still on our crusade to budget and we’re starting to make inroads to cut back. This upcoming four-day holiday weekend will be our first big test. We’re treating ourselves and taking Nora to the Cracker Barrel (I’ve never been there, but it seems like it would be kid-friendly). We stopped going to restaurants when she was born but we are hopeful to eat out a bit with her this summer and beyond. It’s fun to introduce her to new experiences.

Other than being budget and diet minded, life is creeping along. No major updates from my world!

Nora Updates

I guess one of the reasons that there is nothing earth shattering in my life right now is because Nora’s teething has been taking up much of our time this month. At the beginning of June, she had no teeth. Now, as we end the month, she has three (and almost four!). Her smile will look so different once all of these puppies grow to their full size.

This week we broke down and let Nora sleep in bed with us almost full time. Her teeth have been bothering her so much that we gave up putting her back in the crib after her first hour or two stint in the crib at night. When she’s up every twenty minutes, it’s impossible for anyone to get sleep. We hope that once these teeth come in (and maybe two more on top) that we can try (again) to help her sleep long periods of the night in the crib.

Nora hit her nine-month mark this week. We’re excited to get her stats at the doctor.

Looking Forward To

Lots of long weekend plans to celebrate America’s birthday!


3 thoughts on “June, Week 5: We’ve Got a Barracuda”

  1. Cute picture – yes, I see the teeth! Isn’t it amazing how they seem to appear out of nowhere? I just had my 2nd baby 9 weeks ago and am starting to think ahead to all these stages I’d forgotten about – or at least forgotten how hard they were. I recently read that chewing on a raw green onion helped one baby while they were teething. That’s got to make for some interesting breath!!
    I’ve found this Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/). It’s got practical tips for how to keep your infant’s teeth healthy once they start coming in. It’s also given me tips for my 4 year old. A great resource.
    ps-How was Cracker Barrell? I LOVE that place but there aren’t any near us. 😦

    1. Congratulations on your new addition. I am jealous! With Nora being 9-months old, I really miss those newborn stages!

      The Cracker Barrel was a lot of fun! We ordered Nora a pancake off the kids menu and she ate quite a bit of it. (We gave it to her in small pieces). The store was the most fun part though! So much fun old-school candy.

      Thanks for commenting!

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