June, Week 3: Time to Clean

Pic of the Week


My Life

It’s been almost nine months since Nora’s birth rocked our world. And it’s starting to feel like she’s been here for nine months when you look at our house! I haven’t had the chance to weed through rooms, shelves, and closets since my nesting phase last September.

This lack of time/energy/motivation to declutter became abundantly clear last weekend when Steve and I slept in our guest room/office/craft room. We felt like the room was caving in on us. As Steve and I discussed late into the night when we couldn’t sleep in that messy room, it looks like the place where hobbies go to die. Whop whop.

Needless to say, the next few weekends need to include some time to dig through all of our stuff in that room. I need to come to terms with how much craft stuff I need on hand, where to store our 90s-era music collection (oh, how I hate you jewel cases), and examine the walls and the stuff on them.

Nora Updates

My girl is a tough cookie! She came home from daycare with a shiner Wednesday after she decided to jump headfirst into the circle pit full of toys. Other than a big red mark below her eye, she was fine, and her teachers said she didn’t even cry. They treated her to lots of hugs and kisses anyway.

We’re starting to get somewhere with finger foods. Before last weekend, Nora did not really understand how to pick up small objects and put them in her mouth. She has been great at getting Mum Mums, teething biscuits, and bagels into her mouth, but not much else. I’ve been offering her sliced grapes and puffs this week and she’s starting to get the hang of pincer grasp. (It’s really funny how she stores grapes in her cheeks and they come out of their mouth long after feeding time.)

We also spent a nice weekend with my parents, which was fun for Nora. Though it was a casual weekend, it’s nice that she could see them.

Looking Forward To

Father’s Day is Sunday. Hopefully we can relax and spend time spoiling Steve.


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