June, Week 2: Recovery

Pic of the Week

A Girl and Her Bagel (Her Jewish Relatives Are Smiling, I'm Sure)

My Life

We’re on the mend in the Silver house, though Steve caught pink eye from Nora’s daycare this week and has been dealing with the cold I had.

To alleviate some of the stress caused by illness at home, we’ve taken it easy on ourselves this week, eating a lot of already-prepared food from Whole Foods. Steve and I are really focused on being more healthy, so food isn’t the center of our life right now anyway. Can I just say though that the individual servings of Haagen Dazs ice cream is a dieter’s dream? I love being able to indulge but having a portion set out for me.

This summer I want to read more. So far, I haven’t finished many books this year (a far cry from my one-a-month goal). While in Boise, I finished The Three Weissmans of Westport, which my mom gave me at Christmas. It was a fun read, though not especially memorable. I am now getting through A Year in Provence, a classic travelogue. These two selections pretty much summarize my reading preferences. I love easy-to-read fiction (sometime chick lit sometimes not) and food and travel memoirs (oh, and baby books). For me, reading should be an escape from the day-to-day, and these genres do a good job of helping me find another place. I will finish Great Expectations by the end of summer, though I have dropped it many times already. I guess reading all of those classics as an English major in college kind of tired me out from them for a bit. Plus, I do so much serious reading at work that I need a break when I get home.

Nora Updates

Nora sprouted a tooth today! It’s just a little part of one of her bottom front teeth, and boy is it sharp! I think tooth number two will be bursting on the scene sometime soon. We’ll have a toothy grin to show off in no time!

Also, as you can see in my picture above, we gave Nora a bagel earlier this week, which she devoured in slimy baby bites. I also gave her cut up grapes today, and she seems to get the idea of how to put small foods into her mouth now, though she’s just getting the idea of gumming her food before she swallows it (or spits it out).

Mommy/Baby Item

We’re not only going on a food-related diet, but we’re also trying to be very mindful of our spending, so I don’t have much to report on the baby items this week. I did order Nora a push toy, but I haven’t seen it yet, so I won’t give a review. (When I bought it, I found a toy for her birthday as well, which made me realize the big ONE is not so far away.)

Looking Forward To

My parents are in town this weekend. Steve and I are going to take full advantage of the extra bodies and catch up on some much-needed rest.


1 thought on “June, Week 2: Recovery”

  1. Love the picture of Nora! So exciting that she has her first tooth! Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit with your parents!

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