Finished: Crocheted Owl Hat

A Wise Old Owl Hat

There was once a time I devoted this blog space to my many sewing/knitting/crocheting/other crafting projects. I am excited because I am finally starting to have a few to showcase again! I crocheted this owl hat a few weeks ago for my friends who just (today!) welcomed a new baby boy. Though it will be six months until Thomas can wear it (maybe longer since he is in Italy), I can’t wait to put it in the mail this week to celebrate his arrival.

To construct the hat, I followed a pattern for the Averie Hat that I bought from Little Birdie Secrets and for the face I used a pattern from Inner Hooker. I purchased both through Etsy. For the hat, I used a soft and chunky yarn from Peru (Mirasol) that I bought in Boise. For the eyes and beak I used my stash of Lion Brand Yarn.

I am making a few more of these (one for Nora, of course!), and I hope that she can model hers so I can post a picture. Since she’s been under the weather, I haven’t even attempted pictures of her wearing the hat.

Why I wanted to do this project:  I needed a fun project to make for my friends with babies. I have knit a few bears lately, but they take too much time and they aren’t that practical. The hat is cute and wearable.

How long it took me: From start to finish, the hat probably took three hours. I whipped up the hat within an hour, but the details took up a few more.

Bumps in the process: Not many to report here. Since I used a thicker yarn for the hat and a different pattern, I had to alter the eyes a bit to look right, so I left out one row of white.

What I learned: Crocheting is fun to do with when the baby is in bed, when you’re zoning out to reruns on TV with your husband, and when you need to keep your hands busy. I am excited to make a few more of these because they are so cute!


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