June, Week 1: The Long, Short Week

Pic of the Week

Enjoying Some Books

My Life

It hasn’t been a good week. There, I said it. Though it’s hard to admit when things “aren’t so great,” after this long “short” week, I am not afraid to say it. Nora’s been sick since Sunday evening, hit with bug that left her (and me) with a fever, runny nose, and a whacked-out schedule. We’ve been fighting her every hour from ten p.m. to six a.m. for the last several nights and are at a loss of what to do. In addition to her illness, she’s teething (WHEN, oh WHEN, will those bottom two teeth finally pop through?!).

Despite the week of crappy sleep, missed work, and an overall feeling of helplessness, we’re moving toward the weekend. A weekend clear of obligation. I hope to spend some quality family time with my three-person unit. We need a few days of nothing to clear our muddled, tired heads.

Nora Updates

Though she’s sick, Nora is cracking me up with her dancing and keeping me busy with her crawling. It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago she was just happy as can be sitting playing with toys within a few foot range. Now she dances to music by bobbing up and down as well as crawls and cruises to any destination she desires. Steve and I are super aware that baby proofing the house must happen soon.

We’re trying a few different foods with her, though because of this “off” week, my attempts to introduce tofu and broccoli have been half-hearted. I made a ton of baby food on Monday, but Nora’s not that interested in anything that isn’t yogurt. Maybe our peaceful weekend will recalibrate her taste buds.

Mommy/Baby Item

We love Boogie Wipes. Seriously, if you have a baby and you haven’t used them before, you have no idea what you’re missing. They are a bit pricey, but when baby has a runny nose for several days, they are the best. I would describe them as Kleenex soaked in saline solution. Nora takes a nose wipe much more calmly with them than with Kleenex alone.

Looking Forward To

A healthy baby and a good night’s sleep!


1 thought on “June, Week 1: The Long, Short Week”

  1. Sorry you had a rough week! I hope this weekend gives you all a chance to recharge and regroup. Here’s hoping for better days next week!

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