Finished: One More Bear

One More Bear!

I just put the finishing touches on the last bear I plan to make for a bit (I made one for Nora when I could sneak in a project during my fall maternity leave and two in March for friends). This one is also going to a friend. I don’t plan to make more any time soon because each one takes a fair amount of time. I’d say each one takes about six hours, when you account for knitting the body, arms, and scarf, sewing it together, stuffing it, and embroidering the face (though my mom can whip them out much faster, I suppose, since she makes about four a month!).

I find it funny that I am knitting and crocheting during a ninety-degree holiday weekend, but I have several yarn-related projects in progress because they are easy to work on for a few minutes when baby’s napping. Though I do have a few sewing projects planned for later this summer to prep for Nora’s first birthday in September. Yep, I am already thinking about it!

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful three-day weekend. We’ve had a few action-packed days and I am spending today indoors, because Nora is a little under the weather (I hope it’s teeth!). We’re grilling this afternoon, trying a few new recipes like onions and a veggie bouillon cube wrapped in foil and a new side dish, Creamy Almond Orzo, from the Mark Bittman cookbook. It’s our first foray into grilling this year, mostly due to crappy rainy weather in the early spring months and because we needed to tackle our backyard jungle. Steve went to town on the trees this weekend, trimming them back significantly so we can enjoy more time out there together.

Yay for summer’s long weekends and for this wonderful, steamy season in general. Though I realize the official start of summer isn’t for a few more weeks, we’re already in a different mode around here, drinking gin and tonics, walking to parks, gardening, and planning yummy summer meals.


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