May, Week 4: Hello Quiet Summer!

Pic of the Week

What's Going On Out There?

My Life

Summer is here. We’ve got the AC on already, keeping the unbearable East Coast humidity at bay. Last weekend we tended our garden. I loved playing in the dirt, re-landscaping our modest front-yard garden. Now that we’re sticking around our neighborhood for the unforeseeable future, we decided to invest some money to add a few more bushes to the front and remove some perennials that had become unsightly with age.

We created a potted herb garden in our backyard and I want it to take off so we can enjoy all of the great flavorings in our cooking. I hope to enjoy more of our outdoor space this summer. Steve’s going to town on our overgrown trees next weekend to trim them back down to size. Though we share a backyard with several families, I hope to utilize the backyard more this year. I am thinking about buying a baby pool for Nora so we can lounge out there on evenings and weekends.

Steve and I are trying to reign in our eating habits, so we’re both on diets. My husband is much more dedicated to the art of dieting, so he’s in his extreme detox phase right now. I am going the more lackadaisical route, just trying to cut out unnecessary splurges on sweets (I will stuff numerous pieces of cake in my mouth without thinking twice) and eating only when I am hungry. I am so close to being my prepreganancy weight and would love to drop ten additional pounds in the next six months, though I am being careful about calorie consumption since my role as breastfeeding mama requires it.

Other than gardening and dieting, we’re just adjusting to life without big vacations to anticipate and enjoying family life at home. We’re visiting the tot lot across the street from our house frequently; Nora loves to swing. We’re tackling small home projects. We’re planning a few weekend getaways and gatherings over the summer.

Nora Updates

My munchie is eight months old this week. I would say this month marked a big transition for her from little to big baby:

  • She’s on the go so much now—cruising, crawling—that it’s hard to believe she ever sat in one position or laid in her Boppy lounger for long periods of time.
  • She babbles constantly and often whispers to herself.
  • She sleeps much better at night, and we had to move her crib to its lowest level. (We’re doing better on sleep training her too; the latest trick to help her sleep is to offer her a bottle of water for one of the night wakings. After a few nights of this offer, she’s decided it’s better to sleep than get a bottle of water.)
  • She smiles and laughs almost all of the time. She loves to sit on the floor with a big box of toys and pull them out one at a time.
  • She grabs at the pages of books when I read to her, running her fingers across the textures in That’s Not My Bunny or raising the flaps of Where’s Baby’s Belly Button? (though when she pulls it’s a bit rough!).

I am in love with her current exploring phase. Eight months is amazing!

Looking Forward To

The first holiday weekend of the summer. We’ve got a few plans with friends and will enjoy a lot of down time too.


1 thought on “May, Week 4: Hello Quiet Summer!”

  1. Jim and I can’t get enough of this picture of Nora looking out the window! Cutest, ever!

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