May, Week 2: The Big Trip

Pic of the Week

Excited for the New Football Season!

My Life

Not much time to write/reflect on our current trip to Boise. We have a few more days left out West before we return home. So far, things have gone pretty well. We celebrated a terrific Mother’s Day Sunday, and my husband outdid himself (no surprise there). The weather perked up on Tuesday and it has been beautiful! We’ve walked every day, eaten delicious food, and enjoyed time with family. We’ll celebrate my brother’s graduation today and tomorrow and then be on our way back to Philadelphia.

Nora Updates

She’s standing all of the time and many times refuses to sit. My parents have a table that’s her perfect height and she cruises around it for minutes at a time. She also has begun to babble with syllables, saying “da da da da,” “ba ba ba ba,” and “bla bla bla bla.” She also has been a trooper when we’ve been out and about, observing the new surroundings and taking good naps.

We’re doing the best that we can with the little girl given our travel schedule. We’re back to cosleeping for this trip and taking turns sleeping in a big bed with her. It’s taking some time for her to go down every night (we’re not sure when she’s really ready to sleep because of the two-hour time difference). But, I would say we’re not doing all that bad in the sleep department. No three a.m. drives around town yet!

Mommy/Baby Item

I bought an Aden + Anais sleeping bag at a Boise baby boutique. Nora sweats a lot and this muslin sleep sack will be perfect all summer long. As usual, I bought a gender-neutral one in hopes we can use it for future kids too.

Looking Forward To

The rest of our vacation. No need to think about reality yet!


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