May, Week 1: Ready for Our Vacation!

Pic of the Week

First Trip to the Zoo

My Life

I am tired. It’s been a rocky week with sleep, and I haven’t paid much attention to it because of our upcoming nine-day trip to Idaho. If we weren’t disrupting our routine by traveling, I am sure Steve and I would be in more of a panic about the sleep situation around here. Baby girl has her opinions, and her strongest one is that she should eat a few times a night. It’s not the worst demand in the world, but it does take a toll on her parents once in awhile.

I have been list-making this week in preparation for the trip out West. I am less anxious about the packing part of the trip because of our recent Florida excursion. I am a bit more anxious, however, about the long twelve-hour travel day and two-hour time difference once we arrive in Boise. I am thankful that baby girl is not on the move yet, because I think she’ll still be fine sitting on our laps on the airplane. I am just not sure if she’ll want to go to bed at five and wake up at four. Time will tell . . .

Nora Updates

She’s not moving yet but she is throwing herself around all over the place when she’s sitting or leaning on me. She can stand up by herself if she is holding onto something, so she may be a walker rather than a crawler.

Nora loves to play games with us like peak-a-boo and patty-cake. She giggles when we play patty-cake and she remembers to lift her hands so I can clap them. It won’t be long, I am sure, before she starts doing the motions with me.

It’s impossible to give Nora a bath right now. She prefers to stand in the tub and locks her knees and hips when she stands up so we can’t get her sitting again. It’s a challenge and often a two-person endeavor. We’re both hoping this stage doesn’t last too much longer.

A few other Nora notes: she loves to lift her arms to let us know when we’re supposed to pick her up, she’s been holding her own bottles at daycare for the last few months, and she’s a crazy lady on her Jumparoo.

Mommy/Baby Item

We love Stonyfield Farms YoBaby yogurt. Nora continues to love solid foods, devouring a veggie/fruit three times a day and a yogurt during one of her meals.

At first I was conflicted about giving her fruit flavors that have added sugar but then I decided that I refuse to be too fussy of a mom. If she has some occasional sugar, that’s fine. As long as we’re not offering her candy, cookies, and desserts until she’s much older, a little sugar in an otherwise healthy organic food product is A-OK with me. Maybe it’s my uncontrollable sweet tooth that makes me more relaxed about this than other mommies.

One more thing. This isn’t really a “mommy” product, but I am excited to say I got my first pedicure of the summer and am loving the Essie “Cute as a Button” color. Love the persimmon “it” color right now!

Looking Forward To

BOISE! I get to spend Mother’s Day with four generations of women in my family, celebrate my brother’s graduation, and see just about all of my Western family. I’ll update from the City of Trees and likely Tweet my way through this much-needed vacation.


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