April, Week 4: Seven Months and Almost . . .

Pic of the Week

Cute as a Button!

My Life

Starting the countdown to our vacation to my hometown, Boise, Idaho. Looking forward to seeing my family and having a week of rest and relaxation.

We’re experiencing another Philly spring, where it seems like it will be cold forever and then, low and behold, it gets ridiculously hot. We had to turn the AC on to sleep this week, which I felt guilty about for a second or two, but then realized was very necessary.

As you can see, I finally sewed something. I hope to keep working on a few projects to keep my toe in the craft world. I just bought a few cute crochet patterns that I hope to tackle soon.

Nora Updates

Nora is almost . . . crawling, scooting, walking, rolling, babbling, waving, clapping, popping a few teeth. She’s growing like a weed and looking more and more like a kid every day. She just isn’t quite marking any huge milestones at the moment. I can tell her mind is working away at figuring out what’s next, so I am sure the next few months will bring a lot of changes in the little gal.

Nora celebrated her first Easter with three baskets: two from her grandmas and one from the Easter Bunny. Who knows, next year she might get some candy in those baskets!

Mommy/Baby Item

I bought the growing gal a Melissa and Doug wood puzzle. The packaging says its for 1+ but she loves pulling the pieces out with the big knobs attached to each one. We needed something farm themed in the house, and her puzzle that features a farmer and farm animals is perfect for singing “Old McDonald.”

Looking Forward To

One more week until we get on the plane and head West!


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