Finished: Amy Butler’s Comfy Jumper Dress

A few weeks ago, I decided to make Nora a summer dress. I have no idea why this idea popped into my head, but it felt like a good time in babyland to start a project.

Amy Butler's Comfy Jumper Dress

Before Nora was born, I bought a copy of Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones and made the kimono and snuggie blanket from it. Since her birth, I have been a bit too preoccupied to sew but decided in early April that it would be fun to get out the sewing machine for old times’ sake. I even got to patronize my favorite local fabric store to buy the fabric for the project.

After a few hours over the last two weekends, I finished Nora’s dress, made from Amy Butler’s Comfy Jumper Dress pattern. The project went pretty smoothly, though I did take a few “mommy shortcuts” in order to get through the dress without pulling out my hair.

A few notes about the pattern:

I had a bit of difficulty positioning the pattern on the skirt fabric to cut both pieces of the dress with my ¾ yard of fabric. (I made the 9 to 12 month size.) I would recommend using a full yard of fabric for the skirt, as I had to modify the length a bit and then had to adjust the pleats to fit my adjustment.

Amy Butler's Comfy Jumper Dress Back

Sewing the dress was easy. The bodice came together within an hour. I did set myself up for a bit of failure by using a high-contrast thread for the project. I butchered my buttonholes and they looked super awkward in cream-colored thread against dark pink fabric. To cover up my mistake I decided to “overdo” the buttonhole, zigzagging around it to make an embellished border. Looking at pictures, I don’t think my fix works great, but it’s much better than the awkward-looking buttonholes I sewed initially.

I also sewed a heart button on the front of the dress, because the slit I cut was pulling a bit at the bottom. I am very happy with this embellishment.

The skirt was also a breeze to sew and hem, given the tiny size of the pattern. My final mommy shortcut was to leave out the skirt lining. Since this is a summer dress, I decided to forgo the extra layer. My little gal sweats a bit so I didn’t want to make her unbearably hot. If I had made the dress of Christmas, I would have definitely added the lining.

I have not sewed the elastic to the back of the dress yet because Nora’s big for her age and I am afraid adding any gathering to the dress would make it too tight on her. As of today, the dress fits perfectly.

I am hopeful she can wear it on Mothers’ Day when we celebrate it at my parents in Boise.


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