April, Week 3: Life

Pic of the Week

Get Me Outta Here!

My Life

Lately, we’ve gotten into the swing of things. Life pretty much feels like normal. We have good morning and night routines. Steve and I have some time together in the evenings, which is great. We’re just enjoying family time and all of the challenges and rewards parenthood brings.

Nora Updates

Nora is teething pretty badly right now. I am desperate to see one or two little teeth pop through soon for her sake. Nora is also sleeping pretty well, though she does wake up a few times at night. She also is starting to push herself backward and pulls up on all sorts of things. Her teachers at day care are getting nervous to have another mover soon!

Mommy/Baby Item

As I mentioned last week, Steve and I bought a Wii Fit. So far, we’re really enjoying this new way to exercise. I hope that our interest in it continues and that I can lose a little bit more baby weight.

Looking Forward To

We’re in the midst of a packed holiday weekend. One family dinner down and a big church function and Easter brunch to go!


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