Afghan Envy

I am salivating over this beautiful afghan featured on The Purl Bee. I am half tempted to start this project, though to use the beautiful fingering merino yarn featured for this project would set me back $200. Maybe I can find something on the Lion Brand website that would work for it or something at my local yarn store. But I love the overall look of this. I haven’t crocheted something this big in a long time but I might be due for a time-intensive project like this.

I am sewing something for Nora and it’s taking a bit of time. I realize why I don’t sew much anymore: I get overly obsessive and it eats away far too much time. A crochet project that I can work on during my weekly craft night and in front of the television might be just the ticket!


1 thought on “Afghan Envy”

  1. don’t worry, it’s just the time of year — late April always represents stress, we’re tooo anxious for the fun season!

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