April, Week 2: Spring is Here!

Pic of the Week

Playing with My Activity Table

My Life

It’s a beautiful spring day here. My tulips are blooming, Easter is near, and our much-anticipated vacation to my hometown is approaching soon. I hope we’ve turned the corner and that the gray, cold, drizzly days of early April are nearly past.

After having a weekend filled with self-pity, Steve and I are doing much better. There was something “off” about last weekend; we were acting so sorry for ourselves, which doesn’t happen too often. We both acknowledged our shameful outlooks and have moved on, which is fortunate for our family.

Since spring is now blossoming, I am taking the opportunity to set new personal goals. The first I hope to tackle is to lose the rest of the baby weight I put on when pregnant. I only have a few more pounds to lose, and I am hoping my new Wii Fit will help me tone up so I can wear T-shirts this summer and some of my old clothes again. I am also hoping to take on a new sewing project (maybe this weekend) as well as embrace calmer weekends. Steve and I realized we’ve gotten addicted to big exciting things and that it’s time to learn how to enjoy down time at home. There’s so much to do around here: walk to the coffee shop and the many parks around us, cook and grill, invite friends over, and visit local attractions. Though we have a big, exciting nine-day adventure coming in May we need to enjoy the weekends leading up to the big trip.

Nora Updates

The baby girl prefers to be on her feet. She can stand for long amounts of time and prefers to not be supported by us but by tables, railings, couches, etc. She treats us like we’re her jungle gym. I realize Nora will be crawling (or even walking) pretty soon; it might be time to baby proof the house during one of our slower weekends.

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

I’ve been a madwoman on Snapfish lately. I decided to make a photo book of our trip to Disney World and printed tons of pictures to include in Nora’s baby book and photo album. I love sharing pictures on it to keep them private among my family and friends and the deals are unbeatable!

Looking Forward To

The busy holiday weekend ahead! We have two Seders and an Easter breakfast. I’ve got to plan my contributions to these gatherings this weekend.


1 thought on “April, Week 2: Spring is Here!”

  1. I am definitely a fan of embracing down time at home–it makes such a difference in how I feel if I have time to rest and recharge. In fact, sometimes I think I would never leave the house if I didn’t make myself get out! 🙂

    Wow. . . I can’t believe how soon Nora will be on the move! She is so adorable. I’m glad that you are enjoying Spring; I think it’s a welcome change for all of us!

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