Finished: Bunnies

You are all so kind to reach out after my Thursday-evening post. I have mixed feelings about it. I am glad I wrote it because it’s how I feel a lot of times during the work week, but after a restful and delightful weekend with my family, it’s hard to believe I ever feel sorry for myself!

I am excited because on Sunday I had an hour to myself while Steve and Nora napped and finished a craft project:

Colorful Felt Bunnies

bunnies! We recently acquired a new piece of furniture in our living room that creates a mantle, so I finally have a proper place to display my seasonal decor. (Thanks to my lovely mother, I have expectations that the house should be decorated for each major holiday throughout the year. I love this tradition and hope to keep it up while I raise my children.)

Now that I have adequate display space I decided it was time to add a few items to the Easter decorations. I created these felt bunnies in just a half hour, using felt I had on hand, this bunny template, scissors, craft glue, and ribbon. I simply cut out two bunnies from each color of felt, glued the edges of one bunny (with the exception of the bottom) and pressed the other bunny on top of it, and then added a little ribbon to the front of each one. I opened the bottom of the bunny and now they adorn my mantle.

Other weekend highlights

  • I tried one of the Bittman recipes this weekend, the baked ziti for a potluck. I think it turned out pretty well, though I realize I might want to utilize some of his suggested variations to jazz up the recipes. I thought the dish was a little bit plain.
  • It feels like spring finally arrived! We had gorgeous, sixty-plus-degree weather this weekend. It felt great to walk to our local coffee shop and around the neighborhood. I hope this sticks around for good.
  • We took it easy yesterday afternoon and watched The Masters. While it was difficult to contain Nora on a “slow” afternoon as she bounces around and uses us as a jungle gym, it was fun to enjoy this sporting event and spend quiet time as a family. It hasn’t happened often enough lately.

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