March, Week 5: Back to Business

Pic of the Week

Joyful Baby

My Life

It’s the Phillies’ opening day and 40 degrees here. *Sigh* Despite the cruelty of Mother Nature, I am trying to find my sunny attitude. It won’t be this cold forever.

I realized this week that I am having trouble with balance in my life. I sort of “went to the mattresses” when Nora got sick and we stopped sleeping in March. To get through that tough time I implemented an early bedtime and never left the house so I could stay rested. Now that I have been quarantined for nearly a month it’s time to remind myself that I have friends and interests beyond the baby.

To keep myself properly distracted, I started a Twitter account and am trying to learn new social media outlets. I like to stay on top of technology as best I can, so it’s time to dive in and challenge myself.

Nora Updates

Nora has burst with development lately. The last few days have been so fun around here. Nora pulls herself up from sitting when we hold our hands still and can do it on the crib or a chair if we place her hands on the item she pulls up to. She also can stand on pretty solid legs for minutes at a time.

Nora has also developed a super sense of humor. She loves when we repeat funny things, like when a stuffed animal kisses her face from being far away. She laughs in the mirror all of the time and is starting to giggle when we play peak-a-boo.

We started bathing Nora in the big-person tub this week, which has been a fun new adventure. She loves the bigger space to play with her toys.

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

I started to worry (as all mommies do, I am sure) that our hardwood floors might be preventing Nora from learning to roll or scoot. To alleviate that worry and encourage the kid to spend some more time on the floor, I bought her this Tadpoles foam mat. It makes the floor much more cushy but I am a bit worried that Napoleon and Abe are going to destroy it. Life with a baby and two cats. It’s never dull.

Looking Forward To

Nicer weather!


3 thoughts on “March, Week 5: Back to Business”

  1. These are totally wonderful pictures Nat. And the struggle with balance – I can relate and can only say if you are aware of it, that’s a significant part of the balance.

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