March, Week 2: Spring is Coming

Pic of the Week

Playing with Tigger

My Life

It’s raining, it’s pouring . . . and a beautiful purple crocus bud has popped out in my garden. Spring is nearly here, and it’s hard to believe winter is over. I have never experienced a winter that flew by as fast as this one. Instead of sinking into a depression due to cold weather, dark nights, and no hope on the horizon, my winter was full of baby smiles and laughs as well as lots of visits from loved ones.

I am excited to welcome spring and its holidays, flowers, and beautiful weather. I am ready to paint some rooms in the house, plant a big garden, and take lots of walks in my cute neighborhood. Soon enough we’ll be walking to our favorite coffee shop on Saturday mornings to get iced coffees wearing Birkenstocks and shorts.

I am back to work full time. I thought I would take off Fridays at work through March, but after our vacation I had the itch to go back to a “normal” routine. Nora is thriving at daycare and her teachers are wonderful, and I want to save my days off for nicer weather and the fall when I am the main parent because of Steve’s busy work schedule. It feels good to think about “normal” life. We’ve never had a normal schedule with Nora, and there’s something about the mundane that makes me feel like we’re a true family now.

Nora Updates

Nora’s eyes have opened. During our trip to Disney World, she realized there is an exciting world out there. While in Florida, she loved watching people and scenery. She never fussed during rides or restaurant meals. At home, I catch her looking out the window in the car. She has befriended Napoleon, our cat, and pets him and smiles at him whenever he’s around.

Nora has discovered her falsetto voice. Instead of crying when she’s tired or hungry, she sings in her newfound pitch. It’s truly adorable.

We continue to work on solid foods with Nora. She eats a bit of oatmeal and we have been feeding her sweet potatoes this week. Steve and I intend to make all of her baby food. We make all of our own food so it makes sense that we would make hers. I will incorporate something else into her diet this weekend. I am debating between applesauce, avocado, or green beans.

Nora is still a spider monkey and lunges after us all of the time. It’s so fun to have a kid fling herself at you. She’s getting so big and has such good control of her body. It’s amazing to think that crawling and walking aren’t that far away!

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

We love Nora’s Fisher Price Tea Set. It has learning and music settings and Nora loves to pick up the little tea cakes that came with the set. It’s a good way to prep  her for years of tea parties to come.

Looking Forward To

Getting organized and seeing friends this weekend.


3 thoughts on “March, Week 2: Spring is Coming”

  1. So glad that you are looking forward to getting settled into a routine! And that picture of Nora is just too darn cute.

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