March, Week 1: Takeoff

Pic of the Week

Getting Some Much-Needed Rest



My Life

I am posting early this week because in a matter of hours we’ll be touching down in Orlando, Florida, officially beginning our vacation to Disney World. It’s been more than a year and a half since Steve and I last vacationed and this time we get to bring our adorable little babe with us. We last went to DW in 2007 and enjoyed the parks as a couple. This time, the kid will make the trip even more fun (and much more work too!). We are fortunate to get free passes to the parks so we are splurging and staying on-site for an even easier trip. Disney picks our bags up from the airport and brings them to our hotel room, which, for us, makes this trip cruise-like.

I need this vacation. I think all new parents need a vacation, in fact. Traveling with a baby of five months seems like the perfect time to get away. Nora is sitting on her own, observing life around her, and developing a personality, which makes time with her even more fun. Plus, she is still super portable and we don’t have to worry about a mobile infant. That seems scary.

It’s no fun to think about what life will be like when I get back, but I have a feeling I might hit a little bit of a down-er time here. We’ve had so much excitement for the last six months and our exciting times are coming to an end for awhile. Hopefully some vacation color on my face and time by the pool will keep me happy for a bit. When I return I hope to refocus my energies on sprucing up the house, planning an herb garden, and maybe starting a sewing project.

Nora Updates

We had a somewhat scary weekend with the baby girl. Nora developed a pretty bad respiratory infection late last week, which caused a lot of sleepless nights. On Saturday I took her to the pediatrician and she promptly gave us a nebulizer to use with her. She also had the beginnings of an ear infection and is now taking medicine. Poor girl! After several days of rest though she’s back to her cheerful self.

Nora has a new nickname: spider monkey. It seems as though the girl has boundless energy, kicking her legs and arms, knocking things all around, wanting to be picked up and swung all around. She loves to cling to her dad’s head, which is where the spider monkey comes from. We’re exhausted every night from wrestling our always-growing girl.

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

Okay, this sounds lame, but my favorite item right now is the good-old Sharpie marker. I use it for everything, from labeling bottles to making lists. For our trip, I labeled every Ziploc bag packed, which helps locate items quickly. Santa brought me a four-pack for Christmas, and I am eternally grateful. It’s the little things, right?

Looking Forward To

Eating ice cream for breakfast when we visit the Magic Kingdom Friday!


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