I Couldn’t Resist . . .

These. I have been eyeing these party plates and napkins at Target for some time.

I just adore Paul Frank. When I was a teenager I really wanted something Paul Frank but the stuff was so expensive. It’s great that he worked out a line with Target to make his cute and cheeky designs more affordable for the masses.

Though there isn’t a party in my immediate future, I am sure that I will use these at some point. With a little girl that isn’t even one yet, I know there are many, many birthday parties in my future.

In other news . . .

So, I am happy to report that today is the last day of February. Yay! If you are like me, February often feels like the longest month of the year (though it is just 28 days). This dark and cold month had its share of ups and downs. The ups: my parents’ visit, Steve’s birthday, a new car, Nora in general. The lows: two weekends of sick household members.

I am so excited that we’ll be welcoming warmer weather and longer days soon.


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