February, Week 4: New Experiences Galore!

Pic of the Week


My Life

This is the first week I have worked five straight days since early September. It feels good to be “back to normal” for the sake of routine, but I find myself a bit exhausted and overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to do in a two-day weekend. I realize that as a parent there is never enough time to get everything done. My biggest priority is snuggle time with baby.

I am trying to carve out some “me” time during the week and am encouraging Steve to do the same. I had a night out Tuesday and am working on Great Expectations as well as a craft project. I certainly can’t finish projects at the rapid pace that I did prior to Nora’s arrival, but it’s good to keep a project or two going. I hope to post some finished ones soon!

Nora Updates

We started Nora on rice cereal this week. It hasn’t gone as well as planned since she also caught a nasty cold Tuesday. Despite her sniffles, we’re trying to give her a little cereal every night to keep up the routine. We decided to start the solids a few weeks before we planned (I was hoping to wait until after our trip to Florida next week) but baby girl was exhibiting many of the signs indicating that she was ready to try food. She shows interest in food, sits up by herself, and wakes up more frequently at night to eat. I decided that a spoon, bowl, and some rice cereal really wouldn’t burst the luggage when we travel to Florida, so we dove in and fed her some cereal Monday. So far she’s not overwhelmed by the whole thing, but I think once we introduce some veggies in a few weeks her interest will peak.

I had a blast with Nora last Friday when the mercury hit 70 degrees. We spent the day playing with several of her friends and took a few walks. I even put her in the baby swing at the tot lot across the street from the house and enjoyed watching her experience her first time at the park.

Nora loves to stand and keeps locking her knees when we try to push her from a standing to a sitting position. I think we’ll need to invest in a small activity table for her to hold herself up with when we return from our trip.

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

I love the Bumkins brand waterproof bibs. I picked one of these up over the weekend in anticipation of Nora starting solids. I bought the Dr. Seuss motif, but fell in love with these Keith Haring ones on Amazon, which I promptly ordered. They are waterproof and a great size.

Looking Forward To

One word: vacation. It starts this Wednesday night!


3 thoughts on “February, Week 4: New Experiences Galore!”

  1. Word to the wise Nat. When you travel, mix her cereal with bottled water. We ran into some trouble with water and cereal or formula many years ago.

    1. Thanks for the tip Rina. However, I think we’re suspending cereal feeding until after the trip because Nora has been sick.

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