February, Week 3: Action Packed!

Pic of the Week

Nora and Shasha Meet Some Piranhas

My Life

It’s been an eventful week. We celebrated Steve’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, hosted my parents for five days, bought a new car, and took Nora on her first major outing. All the while I worked my usual schedule.

I am feeling elated at the moment, and there are so many reasons why. My parents’ trip helped us relax and get a lot of things done, as they served as welcome helping hands for a majority of their stay. We visited the local aquarium, which was a blast for all of us. I said something to my mom about how amazing it is that I have the motivation and drive to get Nora out and about to different activities, and she commented that it’s important to me now because I am creating her childhood. How true that is; I can’t wait to show Nora the world, one museum, trip, and activity at a time.

With our new car purchase behind us and the decision to put off moving for at least a year now made, I need to start planning the spring and summer months. I would like to paint a few rooms, work on my garden, and plan some fun local activities. I need to pick up a few hobbies and set a few short-term goals soon so I can feel accomplished in my personal life.

Nora Updates

Nora continues to receive a ton of gifts. The present train has not stopped for the girl since before her birth. I think it’s great that so many people are excited to have her in their lives. It’s also touching to know that we have such an amazingly large web of friends and family. I have to make sure that she doesn’t let the spoiling get to her head though. I am sure this will be a constant struggle as a parent. For Valentine’s Day she received some really cute clothes (thanks grandmas!) and we gave her the new book Silverlicious as well as a toy for her high chair and some sensory balls.

A few other things:

  • Nora’s sitting ability amazes me. She can sit up and play with complexish toys for an extended period of time. It’s so fun to watch her explore her blocks, singing tea set, miniature books, and stuffed animals.
  • Nora focused intently on all sorts of things during much of our aquarium visit. We put her in the stroller without the infant seat for the first time, though she preferred to be held to look into the fish tanks.
  • Nora loves when we make raspberries in her face. She’ll stick out her pouty lower lip and pretend she’s going to cry and then we blow a raspberry and a huge smile bursts on her face. She’s also discovered her tongue and spends a lot of time licking her upper lip.

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

For his birthday, my brother and his girlfriend bought Steve The Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children. Now that we’re in the countdown to our trip to Florida in two weeks, I am going to page through it and start making lists this week. I think this trip will go much more smoothly if I plan well in advance.

Looking Forward To

Our sixty-plus degree weather tomorrow! Nora and I already have a few play dates set up, and I look forward to taking a nice long walk.


2 thoughts on “February, Week 3: Action Packed!”

  1. Nat (and family) –

    Love your saga and appreciate the sharing! Nothing like a little journaling (in one form or another) to capture a bit of the flavor of the times. It’s valuable now, and for looking back at a future time, who knows, but can’t hurt, I always figure!

    And appreciate your credit to the wisdom of Nora’s Shasha – a great source of never-ending inspiration as you know!

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