Welcoming a New Member to the Family

No . . . we’re not expecting again (yet). We’ve welcomed a new vehicle into the Silver Family fleet. Alas, on Monday we said goodbye to the trusty old 2002 Volkswagen Golf and welcomed this shiny new 2010 Toyota Rav4 into our world.

The New Silvermobile!

I’ve been contemplating a new car for a bit of time, though the thought of actually buying one didn’t occur to me until last week. It’s funny how one train of thought leads to another. Before last weekend, I was sure we were going to buy a new house, not a new car.

So this is how it happened . . .

On Super Bowl Sunday, Steve and I walked over to an open house in our neighborhood, thinking we were dipping our toes into the housing market again. Surely, I thought, an open house would inspire us to fix up our house and put it on the market by March or April. We’ve been pining for a bigger, single-family house with a driveway, bonus room, and private backyard for some time.

Touring the open house was fun. The house was a bit out of our price range but had been remodeled beautifully. It got me very excited to move. We met the Realtor who was very nice and informative. I considered hiring her to list our house. I fantasized about our impending move through the next day, dreaming of decorating new rooms and planting a vegetable garden.

But then . . .

I started thinking about what it would be like to actually move. Fixing up the house. Renting a storage space for our stuff. Moving our stuff into a storage space. Cleaning the house for people to look at it. Packing up our house. Spending our entire nest egg. Finding a new house. Negotiating a fair price for the house. Inspecting the new house. Moving into the new house.

And the thought of all of that work made me tired. And frazzled.

So . . .

Twenty-four hours after touring the open house, Steve and I decided we aren’t moving this year.

So we bought a car instead. A car that can better fit our growing family. A car that can take us on day and weekend trips this summer to visit our friends and family. A car that can fit four adults and a baby. A car that can haul a stroller and groceries. A car that won’t break down or burn oil.

It was time for the new car and it isn’t time for the new house. Instead of moving, I plan to tackle a few new home projects this spring and will breathe a little easier when we travel to Florida, Boise, New York City, Washington, DC, and other places in the near future, since we’ll have the money to travel. We may have chipped into our savings account a bit to put a down payment on the Rav4, but we won’t be house poor.

Plus, I love the car and it makes me happy.


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