February, Week 2: A Busy One!

Pic of the Week

Mugging for the Camera

My Life

The first week in a long time with no snow! It was a very busy week at work though, so by Thursday evening I was exhausted. Steve got the horrible stomach bug last weekend, so we kept things low key for the Super Bowl.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll be able to keep my sanity while juggling work and baby. I was reminded that I will be A-OK with my new life after resuming my regular craft night with friends this week. It was a nice way to have some “me” time with some of my favorite people and also build in some time for creativity. I don’t know what I would do without my girlfriends!

Nora Updates

Nora’s four-month well visit went great. She is thriving and on track. The doctor encouraged us to start solids whenever we’re ready, but I think I’ll stick to my gut and introduce them when we return from Florida.

After visiting the doctor, I realized that Nora will be ready for her nine-month clothes soon. I washed all of the new clothes this week and will start adding them into the rotation. As I clipped the tags off the cute new clothes, I got all mommy sentimental. I can’t believe my baby is growing up! I also have to remember to start getting size 3 diapers from Amazon mom. The size 2s look like bikini briefs!

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

After Nora’s weigh-in at the pediatrician, I realized that I am not such a weakling for feeling a bit taxed when I carry her in the infant seat from daycare to the car. Upon thinking about it for a week or two, I bought her a convertible car seat this week so we can permanently install a car seat in each car. Thanks to my friend Charissa, who is on top of all things baby, I bought The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat. The seat fits up to sixty-five pounds and is highly rated on Amazon and recommended in Baby Bargains. Plus, Charissa and Sam bought it, which is our number-one reason for buying it.

We’ll install it this weekend; I can’t wait!

Looking Forward To

My parents are here to help us celebrate Steve’s birthday and Valentine’s Day. Yay!


1 thought on “February, Week 2: A Busy One!”

  1. I LOVE the pic of Nora! Happy birthday to Steve and Happy Valentine’s to the sweet parents of such a cutie. Enjoy your couple time!

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