February, Week 1: Roll, Baby, Roll

Pic of the Week

So Serious!

My Life

Recovering from a stomach bug that kept me sidelined on Wednesday. Hadn’t had something that bad in years (last year’s first-trimester nausea had nothing on this one). Not exactly the way I hoped to lose weight!

Hubby’s business trip to Dallas never happened, though Nora and I did spend a night by ourselves when he slept at the airport hotel hoping to get out of Philly. His busy work season is nearly over, and I am so excited to have him back for the next six months!

Finding that my transition back to work full time is not so bad. Though I haven’t gone a full week yet (thank you winter weather and stomach bug), we’ve got a routine down. I am now much more comfortable with daycare and think the social setting is good for our social girl.

Nora Updates

Baby rolled over from stomach to back three times Tuesday night!!! Though she only seems interested in doing it if she is on our bed or in her crib and stripped down to her diaper. Kids these days!

We’re going to Nora’s four-month well visit today. I hate the shots at the appointment, but we are getting to be smarter parents and scheduled the appointment for Friday so Nora can be in a quiet and restful place until she feels back to normal. In December at her two-month appointment it took her several days to be our happy baby again. I am also interested to see what our pediatrician says about starting solids. I am determined to wait until after our early March trip to Florida, but after that I think we’ll start some cereal and some other yummy foods like avocado. If she’s like her parents, she’ll love to eat!

It looks like we’ll be having to add some of baby’s six- to nine-month pajamas to her wardrobe soon. We can’t snap the top snap on many of her three- to six-month pjs without choking her. I am a bit excited, as I am in the habit of changing the little gal’s clothes over every two months. There’s lots of pink in next size’s collection!

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

Steve and I have mixed feelings about the AAP guidelines on television and babies under two. I agree that it’s probably not a good idea to plant your kid in front of the telly at a young age for hours at a time, but I don’t see anything wrong with exposing Nora to a few kids’ clips now and again. We’ve been rocking You Tube and the Sesame Street site on occasion to show her videos of Elmo, Ernie and Bert, Cookie Monster, and the like. We also downloaded the Sesame Street Platinum Hits album from iTunes a few weeks ago and have been singing “Elmo’s Song,” “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon,” and “C is for Cookie” constantly. Nora lights up when we watch a few minutes of Sesame Street music videos. I don’t think we’ll turn on other kids’ television programing for some time (particularly stuff with lots of insipid commercials), but some You Tube clips of the Sesame Street crew seem harmless.

Looking Forward To

A quiet weekend with baby and hubs. We’re planning a good Super Bowl meal, and I hope the game is exciting!


1 thought on “February, Week 1: Roll, Baby, Roll”

  1. I love thoughtful-looking little Sunday School, Nora! I agree about deciding what works for your little girl — how could you keep her from Elmo?

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