January, Week 4: Four Months!

Pic of the Week

Making Valentines with Mom!

My Life

I am so excited that Nora is four months! Every new month feels like a milestone. I am enjoying my time with the little gal more than ever, so it’s a big highlight in my life. Unfortunately, the rest of my life isn’t so peachy. Steve’s been working a lot lately, and we had a huge snowstorm Wednesday, which disrupted our new daycare/work routine. Though it was nice to keep Nora home Wednesday, working from home with a baby provided me with some new life challenges! She was very good while I plugged away at the laptop, playing in her exersaucer, jumparoo, rocker, and on the floor. Thank goodness the office is closed today so I don’t have to multitask with work and baby.

Nora Updates

As I said before, baby girl is four months! This month has been huge in terms of Nora’s development. Her hand-eye coordination is sharper; it’s so fun to see her really examine and play with the toys hanging on her rocking chair and activity gym. She can sit up. She loves to play in her jumparoo and her exersaucer. She smiles all of the time (I especially love it when she’s sucking on the binky and starts smiling so big that it falls to the floor). She loves to hold her feet. She rolls to her side (though, to date, refuses to roll over). She sits in her highchair while we cook and eat dinner. She has started choosing an earlier bedtime and is a reliable sleeper, though she does wake up once between three and four each night. I can’t wait to see what month five brings!

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

Lately, I have been putting Nora in the crib in her room for napping (instead of using the Boppy downstairs), so I am using my Angelcare Monitor now. So far, I love it! We can move the monitor easily from her room to ours (where she sleeps at night) because the monitor can be plugged in on powered by batteries. Though I still run up the stairs to check on her frequently (I am a new nervous mom after all) I am much more relaxed because of this monitor. I hope we can move her into the crib permanently sometime in February, though I am going to wait until her cough (thinking it’s teething related) subsides.

Looking Forward To

My bestie Emily is coming down from New York this weekend to watch Nora be dedicated at our church! Looking forward to some low-key festivities to mark the occasion Sunday.

Excited that February is arriving next week: the month includes Steve’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and a visit from my parents. Yay!


2 thoughts on “January, Week 4: Four Months!”

  1. I love your site, Nat! I love being able to keep up with Nora. I can’t believe you can have a full time job, an infant, craft AND write a blog! Kudos to you! BTW thanks for the advice on Amazon Mom – I love the fact that I can get pampers at a lower price than target brand diapers – AND on time before I run out. A couple of things I wanted to pass along back to you from mom to mom: 1) Oxyclean – mom’s best friend. Especially when she starts eating solids (like carrots that stain) you’ll have to soak a bunch of her clothes in it for a while to get it looking like new. 2) make/get as many bibs as possible. I have so many, and I still am constantly doing laundry.

    I hope we get to see you guys when you come down to DC. I’m totally subscribing to your blog. Enjoy the snow and the Nora’s first winter!

    1. Charissa,

      You are way too complimentary! Glad I can help with the Amazon Mom tip. We freakin’ love it! (I had diapers delivered this week during the snowstorm, what a relief!)

      Great tip on the bibs. I’ll start working on that!


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