Finished: Nora’s Nook

Nora's Nook in Action!

We’ve been working on a house reconfiguration project for the last few weeks. I finished Nora’s nook yesterday and am very pleased with how it turned out!

Over the holidays, I began to realize how much space Nora’s toys and equipment take up in our modestly sized living/dining room. We were tripping over everything in the room and had banished the coffee table to our upstairs office, which is also jam-packed with stuff. I knew reconfiguring the house would be necessary (and that was before we bought and assembled the Jumparoo – a great baby item but huge!).

After a few weeks of analysis, I decided we needed to sell a few items in our house to make more room for baby gear. Without a basement or attic, we couldn’t just stash items in our house. Therefore, I got busy on Craigslist a few weeks ago.

The Rarely Used Dining Room Table In Our Smallish Living/Dining Room (photo circa 2007)

To reconfigure our living/dining room, we also had to reconfigure our kitchen. I decided to move our dining room table to the kitchen and sell our nice, somewhat new kitchen island, purchased during our kitchen renovation in summer 2009. Before moving the table to the kitchen, the dining room table was mainly used as a bed for Napoleon, not the best reason to have a hulking piece of furniture in a room that’s tight on space.

Table = Napoleon's Bed

Though it was sad to see our nicest piece of furniture in the house go, the island’s open shelving could not be baby proofed and the breakfast bar seating would have been challenging for any kid under the age of five. So, considering that Nora will not be an only child, I realized our kitchen was set up for childless adults and it would be a kid hazard for the unforeseeable future!

Bye-bye Island! It's Been Lovely to Know You!

So, out with the kitchen island, coordinating chairs, extra bar stools, and, because of lost storage, our espresso machine. In with $400, a highchair, a storage unit for Nora’s toys, and a rug for the nook. I couldn’t believe we scored $400 on Craigslist for our stuff! It was nice to make some moola for the new items in the house as well as have some cash left over for fun money.

Napoleon's Bed is Missing But Here's Some New Carpet!

Nora’s nook cost about $120. We bought the ubiquitous Expedit storage unit at Ikea (we already have a larger one in the house and love it) for toys, books, and blankets. And I was excited to finally have a reason to order Flor tiles as the rug for the nook. I love this company’s philosophy and products (thanks to Martha Stewart for turning me on to Flor a few years ago).

Nora's Nook (Sorry Nora's Face is Missing from the Photo . . . This Was the Best Shot of the New Space)

So, though it was difficult to part with some of our nicer items in the house, it’s important the baby has her space to play. I am sure this is the first of many spatial sacrifices I will make during my life as a parent. At least this nook looks good in our living room with a cute piece of furniture and a rug that coordinates with our decor.


2 thoughts on “Finished: Nora’s Nook”

  1. Nora’s Nook–I love it! Flor tiles are one of the things I’ve been looking forward to using someday. I love the colors on the tiles and the storage looks great!

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