January, Week 3: Baby’s Got Skills

Pic of the Week


Sittin' Up All By Myself!

My Life

It’s been a full week. I worked my first four consecutive days since mid September. From a stamina perspective, I need to improve. It’s hard to adapt to a full-time schedule again, and I am still not working a five-day work week. I have to learn how to make the most of my time away from the office, maximizing time with Nora, time to myself, and time with my hubby and friends. Thankfully Friday is here and I have three days to make baby laugh, sleep in past six o’clock in the morning, and organize the family for the next long week.

Nora Updates

Baby is bursting with new development! Aside from a lingering stuffy nose and cough (we had her checked out by the pediatrician last week and she’s fine), baby is thriving, happy, and amazing. She loves to hold her feet and, get this, SITS UP ON HER OWN now! I wasn’t convinced that she was actually doing it last Sunday, but sure enough, she’s continued to sit up by herself every day this week. She still needs to straighten her back a bit and holds herself up with the help of her arms, but the girl is in a sturdy sit for a few minutes at a time. Now if only we could get her rolling from stomach to back . . .

Nora also talks to us all of the time, giggles when we blow raspberries, and holds on to lots of objects and toys. She’s adjusting well to daycare (she went one more time than in previous weeks) and, overall, is an A-plus kid.

In addition to all of the baby’s mad skills, her hair is soooo stinkin’ cute. I love the pixie she’s got going with the long bangs in front. ADORABLE!

Favorite Baby Item/Mommy Item

Starting this week, I am adding this section so I can profess my love for something baby or mommy related, in case any mommies or soon-to-be mommies are interested in my opinions (not likely, but it will help me remember things I like so I can recommend them to the expectant parents I encounter).

I LOVE Amazon Mom (www.amazon.com/mom). My friends who head a two-parent-working household recommended this program to me in November, and using it has lessened some stress in my life. Through this Amazon program you can have diapers and wipes delivered to your door on an automatic basis as well as when requested. So, instead of freaking out how I am running low on diapers on a Monday when it’s difficult for me to make it to a big-box store until Saturday, I can visit my Amazon Mom account and request to get a new box of diapers before my next-scheduled shipment. I will have a box of Pampers (purchased for 30 percent off!) waiting for me at my house on Wednesday. Brilliant.

Looking Forward To

This weekend! Savoring time with the baby girl. Chilling in my pjs and sewing a bit (hopefully!). Taking pics of some of our house updates and posting them here. Cleaning the house. Watching a movie or two and catching the big games Sunday. I am thinking a Packers/Jets Super Bowl would be fun.

Not looking forward to the next few weeks since Steve is finishing up a busy football season. I would love to fast-forward to February when he’s done working so damn hard!


5 thoughts on “January, Week 3: Baby’s Got Skills”

  1. Love your new blog layout. Love the pic of the week – tho i’m partial to last week’s too! 😉 Can’t believe those cheeks. And I can’t wait to see her sittin’. She’s such an overachiever! You continue to be amazing Nat!

    1. Still not interested in rolling though! She’ll have to hang out with some of her other baby friends to get the idea…

    1. Thanks for your kind words! It’s so exciting to watch them develop new skills. One day they can’t do something and then the next day they surprise you!

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