January, Week 2

Pic of the Week

All Smiles!

My Life

It’s been a super-productive week. It’s my last week of official maternity leave, and I am taking advantage of my free weekdays. We reconfigured our main floor (I’ll post more about this later) by selling a few things around the house. With that money, we’ve made a play nook for Nora in the living room and bought her high chair. I am really focused on making family mealtime happen. After years of shoveling food in our mouths in front of the television, Steve and I are excited to sit down and eat health meals together at our kitchen table. We’ve already done this twice this week and it’s really a great new routine in our life. We have been eating excellent recipes from the most recent Vegetarian Times, which has helped us eat better after a particularly glutinous holiday season. I am excited to be doing this before Nora gets too much older. Family mealtime will be a staple at my house throughout her life, it’s my number-one priority as a mom.

I am excited that I finished my first book of the year, The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall. I read the majority of the book on my Kindle and hope to begin my next book before week’s end. I downloaded Great Expectations, which I am embarrassed to say I have never read. In other hobby-related news, I have started a sewing project for Nora.

Nora Updates

There haven’t been any major developmental milestones reached this week, but her grabby hands and alertness still amaze us! She’s no longer saving smiles for special occasions and those frequent big grins melt me up inside!

Looking Forward To

A visit from college friends this weekend! I go back to work full-time next week, which breaks my heart, but daddy gets his first full day with Nor Nor on Monday.


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