2011 Goals

I never make resolutions. I prefer to set goals for each year. For example, last year goals were to become a mom, pay off our second car, and save money. Generally, I am able to achieve my goals because of my anal-retentive ways. This year, with a three-month old baby and my full-time job resuming in mid January, I am not sure what goals to set. Will I be able to function like a normal person once I return to work full time? Will I be able to begin sewing and knitting again soon? Will our family be able to afford the many vacations I would like to take?

Though I have several questions looming in my mind as this year comes to an end, I can set goals for 2011 even if I am not sure they will happen.

1. Travel with my family. Steve and I chose not to travel a lot in 2010 to save money for the baby. We went to Portland last March for my grandfather’s funeral and took a weekend trip to Cape May in June, but other than that we didn’t really leave our metropolitan area. In 2011, we’re planning to go to Disney World in March, Boise in May, Ithaca in August, and (hopefully) Missoula sometime this summer. I would also like to take some day trips to the Poconos, the New Jersey shore, New York City, and Washington, DC. I am itching to get the heck out of here and show Nora the world!

2. Read twelve books. Every year, I hope to read one book a month. It’s a modest, yet ambitious, goal. I don’t count the many books I read at work, and I am an avid magazine and blog reader so it’s not like I should be ashamed of only reading twelve books a year. I am already getting back into my reading habit this month, having read one-and-a-half books. My parents gave me a Kindle for Christmas, so I am hoping to read several public-domain classics next year on it. Plus, I am totally addicted to the Janet Evonovich series, so I’ll be able to breeze through a few of those while I am tackling Middlemarch, a book I would like to read this winter.

3. Sew a quilt. I need a big project. I bought Elizabeth Hartmann’s new book in October and would love to make one of her quilts. I would also like to sew a few items for Nora, knit something with the new Amy Butler yarn I received for Christmas, and learn a new craft skill.

4. Lose the baby weight. I have not worried about my weight since Nora arrived in late September, but I would really like to get in shape in 2011 and fit back into my prepregnancy clothes. I love to walk outside so hopefully I can get on track with a workout routine in early 2011. I also would like to take a few yoga classes, since I found prenatal yoga to be so therapeutic.

5. Carve out time for my friends. With Nora’s arrival being smack-dab in the middle of Steve’s busiest work season, I haven’t had enough time with my girlfriends and couple-friends. I hope I can resume my weekly craft night and visit old college friends this year. My friends will keep me sane while I balance mommyhood and work.

6. Spend quality time with Steve and Nora. This shouldn’t be too hard. I am a homebody by nature and these are my two favorite people in the world. I hope the three of us can get into a lovely family routine in January. We’ve had a lot of visitors, holidays, and sickness get in the way of finding a routine lately, so I hope that we can find a happy rhythm soon.


1 thought on “2011 Goals”

  1. I love the plan to read more books. . . that is one of my goals for the year, too! And, of course, I am a big fan of Number 5. 🙂

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