Three Months

A Present for Nora

Today we celebrate another baby milestone. Nora is three months! Though she’s not feeling her best today because of a lingering cold that won’t let up, we are joyous in this house. THREE MONTHS. It’s hard to believe that she’s only three months and hard to believe that it’s been three months. The paradox of parenthood.

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend, celebrating on the 25th as a threesome and joining family on the 26th. My brother and his girlfriend arrive later today from Montana, so we’ll continue the festivities through the new year.

Reading With Dada

Life is getting much easier in the house, and we are at the point where we can anticipate Nora’s needs. Not to boast, but she’s not much of a crier and she is becoming much more alert with each passing day. There are a few items in the house that she loves to grasp, including her bunny stuffed animal Hip Hop and a new silver rattle she received for Christmas. It’s fun to read books to her because she looks at the pictures and she’s a constant smiler. She is now starting to pull herself up a bit and we even tried out her exersaucer yesterday and she enjoyed sitting in it for almost twenty minutes.

The Exersaucer!

Christmas was so fun with the little babe. As I said to Steve, we’re at the beginning of a long journey of blissful celebrations.


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