Christmas Festivities!

Right now Nora is sawing logs and Steve is working, so the house is quiet for a few minutes. We’ve been busy with holiday activities today: making one last trip to the post office, baking Christmas cookies, and planning holiday meals.

For the next week, we’ll be celebrating the holidays as a threesome. I like to have calm and collected Christmases, nothing crazy or out-of-the-ordinary. It’s always important to me to cook special meals, stay in my sweatpants as much as possible, and spend time with my hubby and, this year and in future ones, my children. We have been fortunate to be able to spread out our holiday celebrations this year, which is helpful with a new baby in the house. We spent Thanksgiving with Steve’s family, checked in with old friends that weekend, and welcomed my parents the next weekend. We’ll celebrate Christmas with friends tomorrow, attend a holiday party with Steve’s family on the 26th, and host my brother and his girlfriend from the 27th to the 31st. Before I know it, quiet and calm January will be here.

Pear Custard

I am using the Everyday Food cookbook a ton this holiday week. I find the collection of recipes to be perfect for our special meals because they are easy and delicious. I made a mushroom tart and pear custard last night and will make tomato and olive penne, a cranberry upside-down cake, and a potato and mushroom fritatta from the book later this week. For Christmas Eve, I will make our family staples: peanut soup and mushroom brioches. It’s a tradition in my family to enjoy peanut soup on Christmas and we’ll eat it after going to church, which should be a whole new adventure with the baby.

I didn’t have the chance to make gifts this year, which I struggled with, as I love to create gifts for friends and family. In fact, sometimes I feel like the sewing machine is collecting dust. After sewing like crazy for the last three years, not sewing for the last three months has been hard. I have been preoccupied with mommyhood, but I hope to jump back into my beloved hobby soon. I really miss it! I am starting to get pieces of my life back though. I am happy to say that I am reading again (I read a whole book this week and started another one) and cooking a bit–these holiday meals are incentive to spend time in the kitchen.

Star Christmas Wreath

I did make this Christmas wreath last weekend, a project from Little Birdie Secrets. I have a ton of 3-D stars left over so I may whip up a garland this week. I have to keep my hands busy when Nora sleeps!


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