Finished: Christmas Card Photo

The Official Christmas Card Photo

In mid November, Nora let me take pictures of her for our Christmas card. This year, I was so excited to order a photo card! I love getting them from friends and family with kids and am excited to be joining that group. I wanted a cute picture of the little gal but didn’t think it was time to get professional shots taken. We bought them in the hospital when she was born, and I think we’ll hold out until the six-month mark to get them again.

Christmas Card Outtake #1


For the Christmas card, I hoped to take an elegant picture of Nora, something special. We have a gazillion pics of her in her cute Carters-brand jersey-knit onesies, footies, and other outfits, so I wanted to take a few pics of Nora wearing a frilly and cute dress. I had several options in the closet already that were hand-me-down dresses, but I ended up scoring a cute tiered dress at Baby Gap for $7.99! I know it’s a bit weird to put a baby in black, but she does look cute, right?

Christmas Card Outtake #2


I threw a white sheet on our bed and snapped away to get a few cute options for the Christmas card. Though I can’t wait to take Nora for some professional pictures, I am glad we didn’t do it for this occassion. I would rather have her in a completely new phase of infancy before forking over that cash! Plus, this white-sheet-on-the-bed route will be useful for impromtu photo sessions throughout the year when we’re dying to get a few special pics of a cute outfit or new phase but not ready to take her for formal pictures.

Christmas Card Outtake #3


Here are a few Nora updates: she’s sleeping through the night (10ish to 7ish for the last five nights!), she’s holding up her head much better thanks to the exercise-ball tummy time as well as using a rolled-up receiving blanket under her chest during floor tummy time (thanks Lisa!), she’s talking a lot–particuarly to her two mobiles, she’s holding onto rattles and other toys, and she’s thriving at daycare. With her twelve-week birthday fast approaching, I have to say the girl is coming into her own.


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