Finished: Handprint Ornament

Nora's Handprint

In November, I felt ambitious and decided to capture Nora’s cute hand on an ornament. I found this cool impression kit at Paper Source, a store that just opened in my neighborhood. This kit was perfect for trying to attempt this project with a seven-week old because the material used to make the impression is putty-like, which allows you room for error without any mess. I actually attempted the handprint ten or so times before there was one acceptable for our tree! I have another kit that uses plaster that a friend gave me, but I decided to wait and use that one until Nora is a bit older and can cooperate with craft time.

I am so happy that Nora’s little hand will hang on our Christmas tree for years to come. As I am reminded each day with her, she’s growing fast and will never be so small!


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