Busy Weekend: Turkey Day, a Two-Month Birthday, and Decking the Halls

We had a great Thanksgiving Weekend. My brother-in-law made the most scrumptious dinner, we hosted a gathering of Steve’s high school friends, and we decorated our house for Christmas (except for the Christmas tree, which we’ll put up this weekend).

Nora on her first Thanksgiving

We also toasted Nora on her two-month birthday. The little girl is thriving and getting stronger and smarter every day. She smiles more and more and coos when she really wants to excite her parents. We couldn’t resist and bought her three holiday-themed outfits last weekend as well as a 2010 snow globe that plays “Deck the Halls.” I wanted her to have a decoration commemorating her first Christmas that wasn’t the typical “baby’s first Christmas” type of thing. She loves the music that comes from the snowy scene, so I am quite happy with the purchase!

Our Christmas Village

We also splurged and added significantly to our decor this year. I wanted a few more substantial decorations and decided to buy several of these Christmas-themed houses to create a decorated village in our kitchen. I thought it added cheer to another room of our house and hope Nora can imagine Christmas stories looking at these whimsical figures in future years. Call me cheesy, but I love this time of year!


1 thought on “Busy Weekend: Turkey Day, a Two-Month Birthday, and Decking the Halls”

  1. I love this time of year too and soak up every cheesy moment! 🙂 I’m sure your house looks beautiful for the holiday. . . love the new houses!

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