There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays (Except When It’s Freezing!)

This year, like most, I will be spending Thanksgiving in Philadelphia, my home  for the last six years. My brother-in-law is cooking dinner (check out his awesome blog, Can I Get a Sample), and I look forward to spending this eating-centric holiday with my in-laws and all of their jokes, sarcasm, and cheer.

I am very happy I am not going to be visiting my family in Idaho or Montana for this holiday. Out West it’s absolutely freezing!!! Since I don’t have many distractions by way of crafts at the moment, as of late I have been keeping my hands busy by checking the temperatures in Boise and Missoula on my iPhone. My favorite game is to ask Steve to guess the current temperature in those locales. Lately, the weather has made me feel so bad for my family out West, shivering in negative and below-freezing temperatures while Philly is still reaching sixty-plus degrees every day!

Here’s a visual of the current situation in Missoula, Boise, and Philly:

Scary, scary, scary cold
Uncomfortably cold
Not so bad!

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