Chapter 1: From Novice to Experienced Parent

Today Nora is eight weeks old. Tomorrow I go back to work for a few days a week. I am an emotional mess and have been anticipating this week for the last four. It’s not easy to drop your little baby off at daycare and resume your former life. In some ways, it’s hard to believe eight weeks have passed since the girl’s arrival and in other ways it feels like it’s been a long time. Eight weeks ago I had never given birth, breastfed a baby, survived on consecutive weeks of limited sleep, celebrated a holiday with my own offspring, or squealed in delight at a baby’s first smile. When I think of all that I have learned about parenting since Nora’s arrival, I know chapter 2 (what I call months three and four, as I’ll be working part-time during those months) will be a new adventure full of new challenges and milestones.

Buckled Up and Ready for Shopping!

This weekend couldn’t have been a better example of how experienced we have become as parents since September. We toured Nora’s daycare, joined Costco to buy food for three weekends of parties at our house, hosted a newborn party, and nearly completed our Christmas shopping. Even two weeks ago those tasks would have been insurmountable!

I have become much more savvy at entertaining the little gal and am in awe of the number of skills she has acquired in her eight weeks of life. Her new developments include blowing spit bubbles, grabbing at clothes and a plastic ring toy, cooing and squealing, smiling all of the time, standing on her legs, and sleeping through the night (0r at least in-blocks!). The gal is ready for school in my opinion!


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