Finished: Felt Christmas Trees

Felt Christmas Trees

Thanks to a free pattern at allsorts, I have been working on a fairly simple and fun Christmas craft. These felt Christmas trees are a cinch to put together and give me something to do with my hands when the hubby comes home and holds the baby. I love a hand-sewing project that doesn’t require good hand stitching, which has never been my forte. I made these four trees in the last week, which I consider a huge accomplishment, especially since Ms. Nora hasn’t been a very good napper in the last few days.

I think I need to make two more trees to have two sets of three. The red/pink and sage green/evergreen trees need another one that features shades of the same color. And the red/white and green/white trees need another tree that channels Dr. Seuss.

I added sequins to the trees to give the trees a festive feel, but the allsorts trees don’t have any embellishment, which looks nice too. I have always loved sparkle though and consider it a must to feature it at Christmas. All in all, each tree took less than an hour to make.

When I finished these up yesterday, I smiled thinking about how when I get these out every year for years to come I will always consider them Nora’s trees, since I made them when I was on maternity leave with her.

P.S. I “outed” myself on Facebook yesterday, not realizing that many people didn’t know about my blog. Welcome new readers! I promise to keep the posts coming, particularly ones about baby Nora and our life since her arrival!


3 thoughts on “Finished: Felt Christmas Trees”

  1. So glad you outed yourself so that I could find you here! Your blog is beautiful and I had no idea how amazingly talented you are (though I’m not the least bit surprised)! I am a novice at crafts but have been feeling really crafty lately, so I’ll definitely be making regular visits here for inspiration. I look forward to reading regular updates about you, Steve, and Nora!

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