Model Baby

Model Baby!

Nora humored me on two occasions this weekend and posed for photo sessions, mainly so I could capture a cute pic for the Christmas card. One of her many outfit changes included the little sock-monkey kimono pajama top I made for her in April (which I highlighted in this post). This project came from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches book. I never got around to making the pj bottoms, but I thought the brown jersey-knit pants we already had were cute with the top. Though I am not sure how often she’ll wear the kimono, it put a smile on my face to be able to take some pictures of her in it! And, since it is unisex, I can snap pics of my future tots wearing it too!

My Little Sock Monkey!

Aside from the fun (for me) photo sessions, this weekend was full of social gatherings, beautiful weather, and sleep-filled nights. Nora has slept six hours straight for the last three nights (yay!). Though it’s too early to assume this will be a regular habit, Steve and I are well rested and excited for our babe to be entering this new stage. With daycare starting next week and discussions about moving Nora to the crib in her room soon, I realize my baby girl is already growing up! And, with plenty of sleep over the weekend, I am starting to craft again. I can’t wait to post some of my finished projects soon.


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