November Already?


My Smiling Pumpkin!


I can’t believe it is already November! October flew by in a blur and I have a feeling many months to come will be like this! Week six with Nora is absolutely splendid: she smiles on occasion, loves to sit up (with assistance) and has grown a ton since birth (gaining more than two pounds and growing an inch and a half!).

We spent the Saturday of Halloween weekend at a local children’s parade and laid low on the actual holiday, since we’re still keeping Nora close to home. It was unbelievable to be at the parade with my own child. We have attended the parade for years with our friend’s daughter and it was surreal to push the stroller with my child in it after so many years of being the tag along friends.

It’s Steve’s busy season at work so I am the primary parent to Nora for most of the week. Therefore, between cuddling, breastfeeding, and entertaining her, I haven’t been able to get much done in the way of projects since her arrival. I have been cooking more (this week’s recipes came from the original Moosewood cookbook and included a Mushroom Swiss Quiche and a Vegetable Chowder), which helps me feel like mothering isn’t my only daily activity.

In hopes that I will find some time for my hobbies soon, I ordered two sewing books (Sandi Henderson’s Sewing Bits & Pieces and Elizabeth Hartman’s The Practical Guide to Patchwork) with an Amazon gift card that I received for my birthday. Though I am going back to work part-time in two weeks (sad!) and Nora will still occupy the majority of my time, I want to start a sewing project before December arrives. Sewing is such a stress reliever for me and I really miss working with my hands. I hope to launch into a quilt project and love so many of the ideas in Hartman’s book.

It’s unbelievable that the holidays are fast approaching, and I need to get in gear with thinking about decking the halls and gifting. I love everything about this time of year and can’t wait to share it with a little one. I am so excited to get our Christmas tree in a month. Nora is going to enjoy the sparkle!

Let’s hope I can find more balance  in the next few weeks and take advantage of this time off while I have it! Though I promise not to feel guilty if I fail to get into hyper-productive mode, since the point of this time is to get to know my daughter and care for her, which I am enjoying immensely.


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