Knittin’ Bears

For the last few years, my mom has been obsessed with knitting bears. She received the pattern for the bear from a friend at her local Curves and since trying it out has probably made twenty or more of them. I never understood her obsession, but as I watched her crank a few of them out while she was staying with us over the last few weeks, I got an itch to try one out. I never realized I would get hooked on the pattern!

Knittin' Bears: My Bear (Middle) Towers Over My Mom's Bears

I just finished my first bear. Though I used the same sized needles as my mom, my bear towers over hers. It’s amazing to realize how different we all knit. I thought I was a tight knitter but apparently not, as you can see when sizing my bear up next to the two my mom made!

I had difficulty embroidering the face and am somewhat satisfied with the finished product. I have already started bear #2 in hopes that I can correct some of the mistakes I made on bear #1.


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